We look forward to welcoming you back to Lahore Tikka House this summer.

Thank you for all your support!



We are the original, one and only Lahore Tikka House! We provide authentic, delicious food in a lively, family-style restaurant. We use only the freshest ingredients, so our food can take a bit of time to prepare — relax and enjoy!


Host a Halal event at our banquet hall with on site catering available from Monday to Thursday between 12pm - 12am; Friday to Sunday 12pm - 5pm. We can plan a themed party and offer a children’s menu. Contact Ali at 647-447-8383.


We have a stroller area in the entryway of the restaurant for your stroller. We can also provide you with a high chair or a chair for your car seat at the table.


We are known for our kebabs, BBQ, curries, spicy dishes, panipurri made fresh, BBQ chillies on a skewer, Lahori kulfi, Kashmiri Chai and an assortment of vegetarian items.


Lahore Tikka House started with Alnoor Sayani, a Ugandan immigrant of Pakistani descent, who came to Canada through England at the age of 15, with nothing to his name. In 1996, he opened Lahore Tikka House with just a few tables, yet it quickly became the hub for the South Asian community, serving authentic and delicious Halal food. Since its beginning, Lahore Tikka House has transformed into a neighborhood landmark.

In the bustling streets of Lahore town, There’s a place that’s renowned, For its flavorful dishes and aromatic smells, Lahore Tikka House, a foodie’s paradise, it tells.

The charcoal-grilled meats, tender and juicy, Served hot and fresh, oh so succulent and chewy, The tikkas, kebabs, and seekh kababs, All cooked to perfection, an irresistible stab.

The spices and herbs, a symphony of taste, Mixed with expertise, none can waste, The biryanis and curries, a burst of flavor, A culinary experience, one can savor.

The naans and parathas, freshly baked, The perfect accompaniment, none can fake, The chutneys and raitas, a delightful blend, A meal at Lahore Tikka House, a food lover’s friend.

In Rumi’s words, “Let the beauty of what you eat be what you see, And let the fragrance of the dishes set you free, Lahore Tikka House, a true gem, A gastronomic delight, a meal to remember.”