Our Story

In order to truly experience Lahore Tikka House and all it has to offer, take a moment to get to know its founder, the late Alnoor Sayani.

Sayani, a Ugandan immigrant of Pakistani descent, came to Canada by way of England as a penniless 15 year old. What he lacked in wealth, however, he made up for in vision. Having immigrated more than once in his short life, Sayani wanted to finally establish a home for himself. He saw his opportunity here in Toronto.

Settling into Toronto’s Little India neighbourhood, Sayani spent his days on the street selling roasted corn. His nights were spent sleeping in his car, which doubled as his home. By 1996, Sayani had slowly but surely built his business into a few tables and chairs. These were the humble beginnings of Lahore Tikka House.

With Sayani’s efforts to create a sense of community, it didn’t take long for the restaurant to become the main hub for the South Asian locals. Not only did Lahore Tikka House offer the familiar tastes of home, but with its celebrations of different cultural events, it was also a place where members of different cultures and backgrounds could come together and feel welcome.

Presently, the restaurant attracts customers from far and wide. While Alnoor Sayani isn’t there to welcome them personally, his spirit lives on forever through Lahore Tikka House. It is so much more than just a restaurant. It is a community, a family, and a legacy.

Come be a part of it.

“The restaurant is not just about the food but the restaurant is in the bridge building business. Building communities to communities.”— Alnoor Sayani